We exist to embrace love and care to your skin as we believe it comes first.

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We love what we do

Your skin is our top priority: the skin care tips, routines, products are made for you. Our team, customer services, and the brands we partner with are looking after you. To us you name your concern, and we are there to aid.

What We Do ?

Skin Perfection is an e-commerce platform that offers skin care tips and routines, personal care reminders, and dermatologically approved products. Skin Perfection offers skin care products that are suitable for your skin type and skin concern only. The brands we collaborate with give us a chance to have a wide variety of skin care products that suits all skin types. We do not offer any pharmaceutical drug.

Skin Perfection offers a 24/7 shop journey, while offering a direct contact with our customer services and accredited experts, available through online chat.

We are at the heart of Lebanon, in Beirut. We are located in Achrafieh, in eastern Beirut. One of the oldest and most charming districts. This makes us close to every part of Lebanon allowing us to deliver your products to your doorstep within a maximum of 48 hours from the process date of the order. Delivery options for other countries are available too.

We are called

The Skin Perfectionists

And together we achieve extraordinary results.

Dr- Costi- Dermatologist- Skin- Care- Founder- Skin- Advisor- Skinperfection

Dr. CostI

Skin advisor

Ever heard of an artistic doctor? Well, that’s him. His work is an art!

He’s the kind of doctor that builds a chain of family members not patients. Dr. Costi, even his nickname is one of a kind, had more than his medical creativity to give to this world. His street business intelligence gifted us the presence of Skin Perfection by mixing and matching medical and business worlds. Ps. To know him better you have to listen to his catchy phrase!

Karen- Wehbe- Junior- Marketing- Specialist- About- Us- Skinperfection

Karen Wehbe

Marketing Specialist

The responsible but fun co-worker. She never stops surprising us with the strong dedication she puts in building Skin Perfection’s identity. She mixes between fun and informative material to provide you with on both Facebook and Tik-Tok platforms. We’ve got a lot to share about her but we’ll leave you to get to know her better when watching the daily talks, she does on Instagram too. If you see her silent then this means she’s just concentrating a little extra.

Mario- Stephan- Employee- About- Us- Skinperfection

Mario Stephan

Office Keeper

Nothing gets missing in the office when he’s around. Double checks all office essentials and ensures their availability. He is the backbone of our needs in the office and he is always around whenever we need anything too. You might also have the chance to meet his friendly and welcoming character when he delivers an order to your doorstep, as punctuality and respecting your time is his way to go for his required deliveries, especially in urgent ones.

Rasha Amir

Administrative & Accounting Specialist

She is aware of every single detail about Skin Perfection’s assets; keeps our finances in check and our office’s needs provided. Rasha has a thing for team activities and team bonding, as she is the organiser of our colleague getaways. Some might say she has the best of both worlds, she got people skills, but her numbers speak louder too. She is never hesitant with her questions, as she asks what comes on her mind. Her straightforwardness is her quality.

Liliana- Romero- General- Manager- About- Us

Liliana Romero

General Manager / Co-founder

With a mission to work and lead with skin care companies, Liliana co-founded with the help, of her skin advisor very well-known Lebanese cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Costi, the company. Skin Perfection helps boosting the skin care industry and giving back to all Lebanese young and aging women and men. Her talent in perfectly leading and managing young talented people allowed her business to penetrate the Lebanese market and soon abroad.

Yara- Basbous- Marketing- Specialist- Skinperfection- About- Us

Yara Basbous

Marketing Specialist

She has her way in finishing her tasks: earphones placed and music on. This is how she makes your life easier while surfing our website and finding whatever skin care products you want. As she ensures the visual representation of the products, naming, and aids with constant updates on it. It is always her call with what fits best on it, what is missing, and what we want for a change. You know she is deep in her work when her singing voice is heard!

Elio- Lazkany- Warehouse- Employee- About- Us

Elio Lazkany

Logistics Warehouse Specialist

He is the face of our warehouse. He receives the inventory and shelves it. When orders are flowing, he packs them in the most protective way for the products to reach your door step safe. Everything in stock is kept in check and safe between his hands. The counting he does allow your needs of skin care products to be met and satisfied by making sure our inventory is flipping and turning. Skin perfection’s warehouse is his playground.

Sara Derian

Customer Service Intern

To keep our skin care lovers satisfied and to aid with all the digital means of Skin Perfection, we have Sara ready to delegate your questions to our beauty experts and get back with recommendations too. Patience, concentration, and communication skills are her sword. She is available 24/7 and makes sure that our customers have everything they need from our stock. The synchronisation she has with her fellow customer service team shows with our satisfied and happy customers.

Mirna- Abouezz- Supervisor- About- Us- Skinperfection

Mirna Abou Ezz


“She’s not a regular supervisor, she’s a cool one!” You can always have a laugh around her! Adding to that, this variety, of skin care products, that skin perfection has, wouldn’t be possible if we did not have her negotiating and setting the meetings with our partners. She has her hands full with giving you the best prices too. Fun fact: she has love and expertise in skin care products, tips, and routines. When we want some skin advice, we go to her to keep us glowing.

Stephanie- Business- Specialist- About- Us- Skinperfection

Stephanie Debs

Business Specialist

Her name is Stephanie, but you can call her Steph! She has a thing for team work and team building. She says YES to work plans and hangouts! In addition, she can give you a course in “The Love of Learning”! We have her doing all the analysis needed to keep Skin Perfection penetrating the market and fixing best deals with brand partners, to provide you with a skin care stock that is hard to not overlook. She deserves a round of applause.

Fatima Sayegh

Customer Service Junior

She knows what will suit you best, match your needs, and satisfy your wants! She has a strong background in beauty, as she is our beauty expert. She is available 24/7 through Skin Perfection’s direct message and WhatsApp. She assures you had the best experience with us through collecting back your feedback after she processes the orders for You. Did we mention how kind, clever, and patient she is? Yes, she is. So, all you have to do is sit back and trust her.

Amina Deaibes

Customer Service Intern

For you to get the best service, and all your questions covered and answered on our social media platforms and emails, we have our third backend agent working hard on giving you the best shopping experience you can get! She can lead the way for your skin care picks through reaching her all days of the week and 24/7 constant availability. She does her work silently and the results show with the orders placed. Let’s call her together, the customer service ninja.

Liman- Tabsh- Senior- Marketing- Specialist- About- Us- Skinperfection

Liman Tabsh

Marketing Specialist

The girl that we call. “The Energy booster” in our office! She keeps the office filled with dynamics with her vibe and creativity. When she is silent know something has happened! She is responsible for all creative campaigns, offers, activities granted to you through our social media platforms. Our loyal Skinperfectionist following base is because of her. Brands partnering with Skin Perfection because of her amazing brand managing and marketing proposals. 

Souad- Rizik- Logistics- Warehouse- Specialist- About- Us- Skinperfection

Souad Rizk

Logistics Warehouse Specialist

If you want to see organization and sarcasm in one, then you need to meet her! To make sure that we equally take care of all skin types’ needs, Souad assures that we have a variety of skin care products that are in good shape and dates to provide you with. She simplifies your search for the products you want, by that you’ll find them all in one place, that is Skin Perfection! We trust her with the most valuable assets, so guys you are in good hands.

Senior- Employee- About- Us- Description- Know- Us- More- Maya- Halabi- Customer- Service

Maya Halabi

Customer Service Specialist

The power of a team is having a team leader that has just a mix of enough experience, communication skills, and the ability to lead. Maya is the perfect mix that nourished our customer service department. She makes sure that our customer service young specialists are on answering all your questions and keeping check with all your needs and wants. Know that your satisfaction is gained by her help and your feedback is always admired by her and worked on.


We adore all and each of our beauty partners, so we nurture and preserve and advocate for each of their distinctive products