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Love is in the hair

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Mousse, gel, creams- no we’re not talking about desserts (although we do have a sweet tooth)…Beauties the market is flooded with hair products that should make it easy for us to style our hair every day and maintain its health. However, aren’t we mostly dissatisfied with our hair?

Who here has never had a bad hair day? Do we even know how to pick the right products for our hair type?

Well beauties, this year all the Love on this Valentine’s will go to show our hair some much needed attention.

Let’s see what Dr. Costi can teach us about loving our hair! ❤️

If your Hair is dull and dry

Your hair needs a bit of extra love and we’ve got just what you need!

This bundle of beautifying products will help you control, style and hydrate your locks to get the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Start with an exfoliating scalp scrub that will invigorate the skin under your hair, helping it regain a healthy balance. The Lazartigue Detox Gel is rich in fruit acids and jojoba beads to gently wash away build-up. Use it at least once a month.

Now that your scalp is ready, use a gentle shampoo like the Ducray extra gentle. The rich formula will give you strength and bounce, and it’s safe to use for the whole family.

To help repair any damage and protect from heat, a conditioner like the Lazartigue Repair Conditioner will make your hair soft, silky and easy to manage. With hyaluronic acid and botanicals, it penetrates deep within the hair fiber to restore it from within.

Need extra repair?

Use the Rene Furterer Keratine Ultimate mask to intensively repair and strengthen your locks with camelina extract and keratin plant. It’s your time to shine!

Finally, to style your hair every day, apply some Rene Furterer Repairing beauty cream from your mid-length to the ends of your damp hair and comb through. This leave-in cream will work wonders to smooth, restore and protect your hair. Style as usual.

If your Hair is falling

Hair loss may be seasonal or hormonal, but you still need time and patience to deal with it.

To help with hair that might be very tired, Dr. Costi has created a special hair loss kit.

First, reinforce the scalp and hair follicles with the Rene Furterer Triphasic hair loss treatment: the number 1 hair loss treatment in France! This formula with 3 active phases, acts in the three decisive stages of the hair’s life cycle (Birth, Growth, Maturity) to slow down hair loss, stimulate growth and extend the life of the hair.

Second, treat the hair with Ducray’s Anaphase hairloss shampoo. In addition to using a nutritional supplement, it’s very important to strengthen thinning and flailing hair with a vitalizing shampoo. This stimulating cream shampoo is the perfect complement to anti-hair loss treatments. It restores volume, strength and vigor to your hair and can be used as often as you like.

Finally, to deeply nourish and restore your hair use the Rene Furterer Intensive karité mask. The intense nourishing mask is an exceptional source of nourishment for very dry hair. Used 1 to 2 times a week, you’ll love the creamy texture that acts deep down to regenerate and nourish hair without weighing it down.

If your Hair is unruly

When your hair needs frizz control, it’s all about balancing the silicones in your styling products with light natural oils that won’t weigh it down.

One of our favorite ways to accomplish an evenly controlled mane is with lightweight oil that you’ll use on dry or semi-dry hair, like the exuberant Rene Furterer Enhancing dry oil.

With 5 natural plant oils, this is luxury impersonated! Place a few drops of the oil in your palm and run it over your locks with your fingertips. The lavish oil can also be used to beautify your skin all over your body.

If your Hair is curly

Curly wurly, you need a lot of tender care! The trick to perfect curls is balancing their hydration so they are bouncy and they don’t fall flat.

You need the Rene Furterer combo of Sublime Curl shampoo + conditioner.

Specially made to help curls regain their bounce and definition, the formula with Acanthus extract and Evening Primrose oil gently cleanses while offering frizz control and silky-soft texture without weighing hair down.

It also smells great!

Extra tip: to keep curls in place without the crunch of gel, use a curl-refreshing mist (water spiked with light conditioners) as needed throughout the day.

Let this be the Valentine's of LOVEly hair 💋💋

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