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Winter Tips

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BYE BYE to everything dry!

Here are Skin Perfection’s top picks for dry skin in winter.

Get ready for winter gorgeous!

We know bestie, with hot girl summer ending, the hassle of dealing with dry skin can get tiring. This means that all the moisture in your skin gets sucked out leaving you with the absolute worst thing you could ever get; DRY AND CRACKED SKIN! And you know what they say, not taking good care of your skin in the wintertime or anytime actually is a crime!

Because we love you, we as Skin Perfection’s team have put together a list of our favorite products that will revive your skin! Are you ready? Because here we go!

The first step to a healthy skincare routine is cleansing:

Never ever go to bed without washing your face girl… Our team is obsessing over Avene TriXera’s nutri-fluid cleanser. Truly Skin perfection’s go to product.

Cleansing twice a day, maximum, is the perfect balance in order to remove the unwanted oils and dirt while still maintaining all the natural wanted oils. We don’t want no dry face, just a clean one. Avene TriXera’s nutri-fluid cleanser targets exactly that by gently cleansing and nourishing even the most sensitive of skins.


Moving on to the next step, moisturizing baby!

This is the most important step of your entire routine especially in winter when your skin is prone to looking a little too dry. A rich and thick moisturizer will definitely have your back and minimize water loss from your skin. With that being said, these two suggestions will make you
forget what dry skin even means!

The Bioderma HydraBio Crème is specifically made for dry and very dry skin leaving you with a radiant appearance and soft skin. Never settle for less with moisturizers, better safe than sorry!

As for another great option to stay forever young, the Sesderma Mandelac cream will make you shine, all while maintaining the moisture in your skin.

Girl… we ain’t done talking about hydration!

Your lips need some love as well! Ducray Ictyane Lip Balm is your perfect companion in the cold weather, providing the lips with extreme hydration and a smooth finish. Chapped lips are so out of style!

Last and certainly not least, face masks!

To spice things up, you MUST try Filorga’s Hydra-Filler Super-Moisturizing Mask. We know you queens like being pampered!

The results of this mask are just too good if you’re craving the extra plump, to the point where it might put your estheticians out of business! Click here to know more about this and some of Skin Perfection’s favorite masks!

Following these few steps and using these products on a regular basis will ensure an all-year-round glow with no dry patches, and certainly a youthful skin just for you bestie!

Do you have oily skin? Are you having trouble coming up with a skincare routine that is adequate for your skin type? Click here to learn more!

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