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Oily skin? Absolutely not!

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Skin Perfection’s guide on how to deal with oily and acne prone skin.

Dealing with oily skin? Is it causing you acne? Worry less queen, the SkinPerfection family got your back. We’ll recommend a few products and a few steps to follow so you can shine bright without looking oily!

1- Cleansing

An extremely important step in getting excess sebum off of your skin is by cleansing. The best cleanser for oily skin could really show the difference you want. After going through a whole lot of cleansers we came to the conclusion that ACM sebionex cleansing gel is our hero product for oily skin! A consistent use of this cleanser will make all the blotchiness, blocked pores and blackheads vanish. You won’t regret investing in this one that’s for sure!

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2- Going the extra step!

After cleansing, you’re going to have to get rid of all the stubborn dirt and makeup left on your skin. Here’s where SVR’s sebiaclear micellar water comes to save the day. In simple terms this product is like magic in a bottle, it purifies and cleanses deeply leaving you with a well-prepped face for whatever goes next on your face! SVR For the win!

3- moisturizing!

Whoever said that oily skin shouldn’t be moisturized is very wrong! You can’t leave your skin naked after stripping it from its oils. You gotta give it some love… Spoil it a little. Here’s where the DCL ultra-light hydrator comes into play the best face cream for oily skin. This amazing product traps the hydration in your skin without leaving you with the feeling of oiliness. It also has a bonus, it’s infused with SPF30 to help you stay protected against your biggest enemy… UV RAYS!

4- Peel if you're feelin' frisky

If you got some extra time on your hands, and you feel like getting intimate with your skin, then you gotta give Bioderma Sebium night peel a go. Reduces spots, reduces blemishes, reveals skin radiance, smoothens, and refines skin texture. A night peel is an important step and we can’t name them all, we’re going out of breath!

5- Top it off with a serum 😉

Time to boost your face with this extraordinary product. Revuelle’s new way smoothing serum is your perfect companion before heading to bed. The mix of this product with retinol- an anti-aging agent – will shed all the dead skin leaving you with a young face and a young spirit. You can thank us later. Check out more of Revuelle’s hidden treasures here

It is essential to know your skin type before applying any product. If you are a person struggling with acne then you most likely have oily skin… Know more about the different skin types in this blog

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